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March 20, 2011


Steven Lange

Years ago I showed the home on Litzsinger that your reader is speaking of. If memory servs me it's located east of Litzsinger Woods and closer to the park. When I was in it it was in need of everything and, sadly, had been re-sided with aluminum siding.

Jennifer Salley

The previous poster is correct. The Rhode Island Worlds Fair house is at 9560 Litzsinger east of Litzsinger Woods. I'm really surprised that this has been so controversial.

According to an article written in the May 1979 issue of the Saint Louis Home/Garden magazine (p14-15), the house was bought and moved by coffee magnet Cyrus Blanke. He had it moved from the fair ground, this area is now the elephant exhibit at the Zoo in Forest Park.


Here is a nice e-mail I got from someone who lived in the house:

Rec'd your link from a former resident of the house.who found me and passed your info on.

.I also lived in the house (9560 Litzsinger Road) with my family from fall 1959 to summer 1978.....Robert and Shurley Murch..(children Barbara Lee Murch Ebeling, Laura Widdicombe Murch Moran, Roger Westlund Murch, Stephen Dean Murch (resides in st. louis) and Christopher Heath Murch.

Yes, the house was the Rhode Island Exhibition house and the one in the fair picture.......It was sold after the 1904 fair, for i believe $500 if it could be removed within a specific time period.
I thought the original purchase was by a man named Blanke???......he had it dismantled and rebuilt to about 2/3's original size. The columns are placed into the exterior of the house, the fireplaces (7) have marble or granite from Rhode Island quarries..........front door (which is on the side)and lead wiindows are all original.......the staircase is 1/2 of what was in the exhibit. it was a double wide staircase that split at the top and went around both sides on second floor.........the house had gas lamps inside with or added later electricity.

The Riley family bought it after Blanke, then sold it to the Murch family in fall 1959 after raising their family there.

The stone facade of the exhibit house at was called staff???.....plaster of paris painted to look like fieldstone....it was wood sided after the rebuild.

My parents became collectors of all types of world's fair memorabillia (which we still own) and often did entertaining lectures "A day at the St. Louis World's Fair", where they discussed all the exciting and interesting exhibits and stories, and ending their presentation with a meal of hot dogs and ice cream cones!!Two of the five garages were converted to a World's Fair room and acted as a fun pool house for parties, etc and housed all the fair relics...........

My parents are both deceased, so much of their knowledge is probably gone, but we do still have most of the collection of items in St. Louis, and some in California with my youngest brother.

You should know that we/i always thought the house was haunted, as we often heard someone
moving around the house...................when my parents sold the house in 1978, someone told my mother that in the early years of the relocated house, there was to be a garden wedding on the property...evidently the groom never showed and the bride went to the third floor of the home and took her life...we were unaware of this event so certainly explained some of the unsettled energy in that house.....

My mother had an opportunity to go through the house in the spring of 1997 when it was up for sale again,
she loved the experience. She passed away a week later.........i was able to go through the house as well
during that time period when i returned to st. louis for her funeral...........a wonderful walk down memory lane. .

Please let me know if there is any other information you are looking for........

Laura Murch Moran


My Father called it Mildew Manor....When I visited it also at my Mom's memorial service, the first floor had flooded and workman were on the scene, truly living up to its name.

Blanke had moved Grant's Cabin to the fair grounds and set up a coffee shop in the cabin which was later moved to its current location.

3rd floor used to be a hockey rink as we were St. Louis Blues fans.

So many great memories for me as well. I grew up in all 18 years of the house, 1960-1978

Chris Murch

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