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February 16, 2011



One of the other World's Fair homes was in Kirkwood on one of the streets just east of Kirkwood Road. Maybe Bodley. Unfortunately, it was torn down. Towards the end, it was a rooming house. It was in a book I have called the Golden Era of St. Louis by Elinor Coyle.

Marika Szoke

You are correct, this is the Rhode Island house from 1904 World's Fair. My husband's family owned in the 1970's.


Hi Marika,

Thank you for the confirmation. My mother lives next to the house. I need to ask the owner for a tour of the inside and take some pics.

Mary L.

Hi Marika,
Does your husband's family know who moved the house from the 1904 World's Fair to Litzinger Rd? I think it may have been one of my ancestors...


I lived in that house from 1980-1997. I think I might have some information packed away, but it will be a week or so before I can look for it.

Mary L.

A woman is writing a book about Ladue history and my father is attempting to ensure the history of the house is written correctly. Unfortunately, the book goes to print on Friday (3/11). I will try to contact Marika and see if her husband's family has any accessible information. Thanks for any and all info.

JJ Salley

I found the info. According to an article written in the May 1979 issue of the Saint Louis Home/Garden magazine (p14-15), the house was bought and moved by coffee magnet Cyrus Blanke. He wanted it to be a Gentleman’s Estate in the country.

Our family lived there from 1980-1997. It was a really fun house to grow up in. My sisters and I would roller skate in the basement, ice skate on the pool, and we found lots of secret hiding spots up near the chapel. How many kids can use their main level of their house to practice soccer and use the little stage in the dining room for private performances.

If you want me to email a couple of the article email me jjsalley@yahoo.com


Check out this information.


Richard Chapman

My great grandfather David Henry Chapman bought a house from the 1904 Worlds fair. I need a reciept of some kind to prove this transaction actually happenned for my Genealogy. The house stood until 2011. Also a Mr Sears bought a house. They had it shipped by train to Fontanelle Iowa. I am looking through websites to see if a there is a list of the homes bought.

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