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February 04, 2010


Andrew Raimist


Thanks for the information on this one-of-a-kind house. It'll be exciting to see who will win out in buying this gem.

Andrew Raimist

ps . . . It might be helpful if you had a "search box" located on your blog to make it easier to go back to find old entries. I find myself remembering one or another of them, then struggling to find them in your archives. Here's one possible way:


Ted Wight

Thanks Andrew.....let me see if I can figure this one out.

MIchelle Kodner

What an exciting listing! Thanks for sharing.

Andrew Raimist


I'm not sure I would call this house "internationally styled". While it has some features in common with International Style architecture, I don't think it really fits that category.

The main two-story block of the house is wrapped with white stucco and the windows on the street facade where designed to appear to wrap around the corners, in actuality they do not. The glazing at the corner of the garage (with a flat roof) set in white stucco suggests an inspiration in the International Style, but Armstrong subverts that linkage immediately by inserting the heavily rusticated stone masonry section between the garage the home itself.

You can find out more about this house on my blog at:

Andrew Raimist

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